CSU Muslim Student Association
Charles Sturt Univeristy Muslims, Muslims in Bathurst NSW


Charles Sturt University Muslim Student Association

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

in the name of AllaH the most Gracious the most Merciful

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله

Assalamu alaikum wa raHmatullaH

“May the blessing of His Name descend upon you”

Brothers & Sisters in Islam and in humanity,

I introduce to you the Charles Sturt University Muslim Student Association i.e CMSA. We are an organisation dedicated to the worship of AllaH (swt) and fulfilling our obligations as Muslims.

We are located in the beautiful town of Bathurst in Central NSW at the Charles Sturt University.

This site wishes to provide information about Islam in general, activities of CMSA,  Islam in Bathurst and to answer any questions you, the public, may have.

Any statements which are correct are due to Allah (swt) and all mistakes are from myself, Arbab Ahmad.



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

in the name of AllaH the most Gracious the most Merciful

السلام عليكم


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Islam, the Muslims in Charles Sturt University or about the Masjid in Bathurst at imamarbab@gmail.com



Crystal clear

Source of life

Overcome your fear

pen is a knife

To overcome strife

I just live my life

With positivity as my wife

Just to get by

Ima cool calm type of guy

u believe i can fly?

Nah, just a tad bit high

On life


Liars have lost

The honest have won

Forget the cost

JUSTICE will be done

sinners alone

Good people UNITE

Together we fight

Against fright

Evil takes flight

Quran is our light

Faith takes us to that height

AllaH Almighty is our might

The Prophet is our guide

The truth shall not hide


No compulsion

Just free will

One religion

Where we chill

No race no colour

No hate no frill

No division

Just addition

Islam is the pill

You offer the red pill or the blue

We take neither we just stay true

Determination for breakfast

Perseverance for dinner

We never give up this path

Muslims forever steadfast

In the Life after death we long last

GOOD vs _ _ _ _

Its not us & them

Its good versus bad

Good is like a gem

A quality to be had

Evil is like phlegm

Only for the mad

Which do you condemn?

conversation with authority

With all your technology

Still you’re not free

You pretend to help

But alone you yelp

You fear yourself

You deny our right

Go and take your flight

You rack your mind

Trying to find

A probable cause

Maybe you should just pause

And see the goodness in me

And how i want for you to be free

What then will you be?

The choice is for you

If you decide to be true

Thatd be best

But if you take the other path

I guarantee you will be last

This life is fast

Just watch it go past




now Rewind

just Unwind

leave it all Behind

be Kind

now you’re Fine

Last line

Life is a choice

People use your voice

Stand up to act out

Against all that is wrong

The afterlife is long

Do Good and fear not

Rejoice in what you got


السلام عليكم

Assalamu alaikum,

Brothers and Sisters, Bathurst welcomes you. The Al Sahabah Masjid is located at 79 Bonnor Street Kelso,  2795.  The Jummah starts at 1:30pm and is in both Arabic and English. A Separate area is available for the sisters.

Bathurst is roughly 200kms from Sydney

Now for anyone interested in learning about Islam, here’s an ebook that provides an insight into Islam.

Bathurst Mosque

Al Sahaba Masjid


Imam Syed Ahmad

Introduction to Islam


4giveness is Key

in order to flee

suspicion and falsehood never

lead to Good,

fast If yoU want to see

the REAL poverty

of your hearts